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PC Transporter

1) From Apple II Speaker connection on motherboard
2) IIe keyboard adapter
3) Composite video (To IIe monitor or VCR/TV *VIDEO* input)
4) PC Transporter Disk drive Pinout
5) PC Compatible keyboard Pinout
6) Color Switch
7) To Apple II Speaker
8) Coprocessor socket

Wonder what the chips are? Click Here

If you have a IIgs computer, stick the card in a slot and hook connector number 3 to a IIe monitor (It'll cost about $2.00 at radio shack to get a Molex and RCA connector. Solder them together).

The IIgs will let you use the IIgs keyboard for PCTransporter input. With the IIe or II+, you need to attach a PC keyboard (due to lack of shorcuts for F1-12, control, alt, etc.

You can also hook up a 3.5 or 5.25 disk drive to the Apple II and save MS-DOS files on them. Why would you want to do this? I don't know why. Lack of other storage devices is the only thing I can think of, but if you have an Apple II in the year 2000, you should have a hard drive too. You can't read the disks on an MS-DOS machine.

You can hook up special (NOT regular PC drives! You must find an Applied Engineering drive specifically made for the PC Transporter!) 3.5 and 5 1/4 drives directly to the PC transporter and access MS-DOS formatted disks. It won't read 1.4 Megabyte disks though. If you are looking for a PC to apple II solution, go get a bluedisk card or a Superdrive card.

New information!

Hook real PC drives to your PC Transporter! Click Here

Getting the PC Transporter running

Boot the GS, unshrink the driver software and run it! You can use the software to make one of your hard drive partitions an MS-DOS volume!

You may have to choose "save as" to download these files.

PC Transporter driver -----This is the disk you need to use the PCTransporter.
PC Transporter driver (#2) -----I don't know what this one is. Email me and let me know.
PC Transporter Savior -----a neat utility for using the PCTransporter as a RAMdisk for the IIgs
PC Transporter Savior Text -----a bit about the above file
Mug! -----(MUG!) is a IIgs NDA that will allow you to copy files from an MS-DOS disk (hard drive partition, MS-DOS formatted Zip, etc) to your IIgs disks.

Ok, so you have the software and the card plugged in, and your IIe monitor hooked up. Boot your GS. Run the software. You'll see an MS-DOS prompt. Hold SHIFT and Press Caps-Lock twice. You are in the control panel of the PCTransporter. You can transfer files between PC and apple II, configure the PCTransporter for use with Apple Peripheral devices, and change other options the PCTransporter has. Need information about any of the Control Panel options? Send me an email!

You can use apple II printers, parallel cards, serial cards, and mice. Here is a list of supported cards:

Apple Super Serial
Apple Universal Parallel Interface Card
Apple Communications Card
Apple Mouse II, Desktop Bus Mouse (IIe mouse card or IIgs ADB mouse)
Practical Peripherals GrahpiCard
Applied Engineering Parallel Pro
Applied Engineering Serial Pro
Applied Engineering Datalink Modem
Orange Micro's Grappler +
Street Electronics Business Card
Serial Grappler
Apple IIgs built in serial ports 1 and 2

Need more INformation (pinouts, etc?)

Let me know! Email Osites

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