gospodin@clubi.ie (Vincent Quinn) writes:
>As there have been a few postings about PC Transporter recently, I thought
>I'd make my contribution.
>_Firstly_, I want to hook up a standard PC 360K, 5.25 floppy drive as drive B
>(I have an Apple 3.5 as drive A). Problem is, I don't have a complete pinout.

Mini/Micro Floppy Interface

Pin#	Description		Alternate Functions
----	-----------		-------------------
1	GND			Eject, Disk Change Reset
3-33	Odd pins are GND
2	High Density
4	Head Load		In Use, Eject
6	Drive Select 3
8	Index Pulse +
10	Drive Select 0		Motor On A	\  IBM twisted
12	Drive Select 1		Drive Select B	 \ cable - both
14	Drive Select 2		Drive Select A	 / drives are
16	Motor On		Motor On B	/  strapped DS1
18	Direction
20	Step
22	Write Data
24	Write Enable
26	Track Zero +
28	Write Protect +
30	Read Data +
32	Select Head
34	Disk Changed +		Ready +

+ signal from drive to controller

>I'm assuming that the pinout of the PCT 19-pin drive connector is the same
>that of the IIGS SmartPort (that's logical, since Apple 3.5 drives work
>perfectly with the PCT) and that the 5.25 drive comes first in the chain
>indicated by the PCT manual). So a 19-pin pass-through connector needs to
>added at the rear of the PC drive for chaining the Apple 3.5" drive to. OK.

Hang on, there is no way you are going to be able to connect a PC 360KB drive
to an Apple 19 pin disk port (well, I do have a drive that is a standard
PC style drive with an adapter board that makes it emulate a Disk ][ drive)
and read PC 360KB disks.

Apple 5.25" drives use the 4 step lines to manually step the head in or out.
IBM 5.25" drives hold the Direction line high or low and send a single pulse
on the Step line to move the head in or out. Ditto for IBM 3.5" drives.
Apple 3.5" drives use the 4 step lines to select a comand and another line
to strobe it into the drive (or something like that).
David Wilson  School of IT & CS, Uni of Wollongong, Australia  david@uow.edu.au

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