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Here is a drawing I did of a Transwarp GS. If you put a real TWGS up to my computer monitor, it is a perfect fit. I spent a few hours on the drawing.

Have you ever wondered what the 40 pin connector on the top of the TWGS accelerator board is for?

Here is a quick look at the famous 40 pin connector on the TranswarpGS accelerator card. This is what was easy to trace in a few minutes by sight. It is a view from the back of the card. The connector is directly connected to the 65816 CPU. Now I need a pinout for the PLCC socket. (got it. see below)

Here's the pinout from WDC (

I got the PLCC socket pinout from:

The one on the right is backwards (horizontally flipped) to match the above schematic.

Here is the pinout of the PassTru connector,looking at the front (cache/cpu side). I don't know the conventions for numbering connectors, but I numbered it as I've seen on other connectors.

Here's a chart of the connections. Almost all of the CPU leads have a direct connection to the TWGS CPU passthrough connector. It took about an hour and a half to trace the leads. If you use this information for anything, or find it interesting, send me an email! (I just fixed the error that was introduced when I incorrectly reversed the PLCC socket pinout.)


TWGS connector CPU pin function
01 22 A11
02 21 A10
03 20 A9
04 19 A8
05 18 A7
06 17 A6
07 16 A5
08 15 A4
09 14 A3
10 13 A2
11 11 A1
12 10 A0
13 ?? ??
14 08 VPA
15 07 NMIB
16 06 MLB
17 05 IRQB
18 ?? ??
19 ?? ??
20 02 VPB
21 01 VSS
22 25 A12
23 26 A13
24 27 A14
25 28 A15
26 29 D7/BA7
27 30 D6/BA6
28 31 D5/BA5
29 31 D4/BA4
30 33 D3/BA3
31 34 D2/BA2
32 25 D1/BA1
33 36 D0/BA0
34 38 R/WB
35 39 E
36 40 BE
37 42 PHI2 (IN)
38 42 M/X
39 43 VDA
40 44 RESB

Have any ideas for the use of the CPU passthru? Let me know! Email Osites

Or click here to read a few ideas I had as I was designing the page.

COMING SOON: (they're here! ) Cache connector pinouts (all I have to do is upload them. They are already drawn up.). I have cache, passthru schematics. Next thing I want to do is draw up the schematic for the GAL chips and how/where then connect elsewhere on the TWGS.

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