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Slip Mixer/pourer/drainer

We have 2 Slip-O-Matic slip mixers.  Thes mixers are large barrels mounted on casters (wheels).  They have an electric motor and 3 prong plug to plug into an outlet.  Plug the unit in, add slip (maybe water too), and turn the switch to DRAIN.  The slip will be mixed.  When you are ready to fill your mold, flip the switch to POUR.  The unit will beging to pump slip through the hose.  Fill your mold.  After you've waited the correct ammount of time for the slip to harden, turn the mixer ON to DRAIN.  Stick the hose in the mold, and it will DRAIN the slip out of the mold.  Both units have been tested and work great.  We have a pouring table and we don't have use for the Mixers any more.

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We are located near Sacramento, California. Asking Price is $400 each, Or Best Offer. The mixers are in very good shape. They have been tested and work great. They include all necessary parts, including the top covers. They might be useful for mixing other slightly thick liquids. If you are interested in them for other reasons besides ceramics, they are barrels mounted on wheels with a whip-type mixer and a pump which will either pump liquid out of the barrel, or back into the barrel, through the included hose