II Shoot! "New gaming input device for the Apple II"

With II Shoot, all you have to do is point and shoot!Fun for certain GS games. An Apple II shoot-em-up game is available.II shoot requires an Apple II with a Gameport (9 pin).
IIe game description: Arcade type shoot at enemies running, peeking out of windows, jumping out from behind obstacles, also included is a "Duck Hunt"* type game.  11 levels including "Duck Hunt"*. II Shoot has been tested with the following IIgs programs: * Cosmocade * Great Western Shootout * Turkey Shoot * IIgs Finder

To use the below files you have to download them, unshrink, and then access them from BASIC. BOOT the DEMO disk once unpacked, or BLOAD the shootouthgr file after typing HGR.
Click Here to download a demo (SHK).
Click Here to download a screenshot (SHK).
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