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Apple II Snood(c) clone

Oshit is a clone of Snood for the mac and PC. It will run on any Apple II (I think, although it has only been tested on a IIe and a GS) It is basically Tetris upside down. You shoot blocks at a pile of blocks, and if you make matches (3 adjacent to eachother), those blocks are removed from the play field and you get points. You "beat" a level by clearing it of all blocks.

The HTML, graphics, text, and files on this page are Copyright 2000 by Robert Ryan who retains all rights to the material.

The full game has a level editor, plenty of levels, a tile editor, and some really neat sounds. You can download a demo and a screenshot below. The full version is available for $20.00 including shipping and some disks with demos of other fun new games.

You can download:
Demo (snoodemo.shk) (missing lots of features)
Screenshot (snoodshot.shk) (Hires format)
LevelEditor (LEVELEDIT.SHK, THE level editor!) (SHK file)

Oshit release has been delayed. When 500 levels have been submitted, the game will be available (it is %100 complete!). Download the Leveleditor and RUN ABOUT. This will tell you where to submit levels. The level editor creates levels compatible with the forthcoming GS version of Oshit.