Warlords gs!
"New multiplayer game for the Apple IIgs"


    Fight 3 of your friends in this fast action multiplayer game.  The goal is simple, knock down your opponents castle and hit his player rectangle with the ball.  Control your player with the keyboard or joystick.  This is a port + enhancement of the old Atari 2600 game Warlords.  There are extra features like extra balls, flaming balls, extra weapons, screenhole warps, background graphics, "tilt" feature, and extra enemies.

    The game keeps track of high scores.  You can design your own background graphics with a GS paint program and display them during game play.  Music can be played in the background with a music player NDA.  There are several excellent sound effects in the game, like when the ball bounces off of wall,shield, castle.

    This is an Apple IIGS *desktop* program programmed in C.  Source code available.

$15 plus shipping and handling

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